Albion English is a service-oriented business focused on English revision and editing.

Business Need

Many Finnish businesses recognize the value of marketing their products in English. However, when materials have not been checked by a native English speaker, they can contain many errors. Proofreading by Albion English gives professionals an affordable solution to ensure superior quality.

Academic Publications

Albion English offers revision and editing services to universities and students for jobs of all sizes: essays that will be submitted for publication, dissertations, and full-length books. With degrees from Columbia and Harvard Universities, the founder has a broad knowledge base and decades of experience with academia.

Website Localization

Given the global nature of the Internet, it makes good business sense to offer an international face to the world with information on products and services in English. Localization of websites by Albion English provides maximum return on existing assets and a great way to extend sales to the wider English-speaking market.