Production Workflow

The production process follows a predetermined workflow.

1) The first step is job determination. This includes whether the finished product will be rendered in hardcopy, in word-processing software (e.g., Microsoft Word), or published on a web page; determining word count or page count; and discussion of special needs; and signing of job contract.

Many clients prefer that documents be revised in electronic format with the “Track Changes” tool turned on. This allows them to easily review suggested revisions and accept them without having to input any changes. Other clients prefer to provide documents in hardcopy and have mark-ups that use standard proof-reading conventions. Such clients bear the responsibility of applying these mark-ups to their original documents. Albion English offers both methods to clients.

2) The revision process itself is very straightforward, except when the text is unclear. In such cases, Albion English has determined that direct communication with the client is the best way to ensure correct interpretation. If necessary, Albion English is prepared to work directly with the original text in Finnish.

3) Web development (if needed) follows on language revision and/or translation of the text, rendering it in web-page format.

The first step is to analyze the scope of the project and requirement specifications.

The second step is to extract assets and text (content files, graphics, rich media, etc.) from the existing website into a format which can be revised or translated, using translation management to leverage existing translation. Customers provide administrator information for the website. There is no need for them to supply source files, text or photos. All necessary assets will be gathered directly from their website. Work is done in a “sandbox” environment, ensuring that the client’s live website is not compromised or interrupted in any way.

Specific services include:

  • Revision or translation of pages
  • Duplication of pages in English
  • Site-wide linking to new English pages

The third step is to reintegrate the revised or translated material back into the website for testing and quality assurance.

Should the client not already have a website that they would like extended into English (i.e., selected pages rendered identical to already existing pages in Finnish), Albion English offers design and web site construction for the client. Albion English uses a wide library of web site templates and customization in Adobe Dreamweaver to accomplish the client’s goals. For examples, click here.

4) Delivery of the product can be either online (sending revision via email or actually publishing the revised web site) or in hard-copy. After the client has had a chance to review the product and ask any final questions, they will be sent an invoice.